Planning on Listing your Property in Mammoth Lakes? Get Compliant First

Interested in renting your condo or apartment out in Mammoth Lakes CA?

One of the most important parts of managing your short term rental in the Mammoth Lakes area is making sure your home is compliant with TOT (Transient Occupancy Tax) guidelines, including have your property inspected by a TOT Compliance Airbnb home inspection service who understands what is needed in order to rent your property out safely and according to what the local city is requesting.

Below is a list of what the city of Mammoth Lakes currently requires in order for your property to be successfully listed as a nightly rental such as Airbnb or VRBO.

Do you need a licensed home inspection service to review your home for these items? Feel free to contact us at (760) 965-3203 for a free quote. Click here for the list of items needed (outlined below) to use for yourself.

Mammoth Lakes TOT Compliance Form

1. Signage: One (1) exterior sign not more than 2 square feet that contains the following information: Name of operator and phone number where they can be reached on a 24-hour basis; max number of occupants permitted to stay overnight; max number of vehicles allowed; phone number of police, and TOT compliance hotline. Exterior signage is not required for condominium units.

2. Posted Notices: Notice posted inside unit (can be included within a binder), including: Maximum number of occupants permitted to stay overnight; max. number of vehicles; location of on-site parking spaces and parking rules for seasonal snow removal; notification that an occupant may be cited for creating a disturbance or violating the Quality of Life Ordinance; notification that trash/refuse not be left on the property unless it is deposited in bear resistant containers or within a dumpster serving the property; specific instructions on opening and securing animal resistant dumpsters; notification that failure to conform to the parking and occupancy requirements is a violation of the Municipal Code; 24-hour phone number of property manager, physical street address of the unit; emergency contact information including 911 and non-emergency contact information for the Fire District and Police Department; evacuation plan showing exit routes, exits, and fire extinguisher locations. Evacuation plan should be within a sheet protector or other method to ensure that it remains legible and does not become damaged.

3. Smoke Alarms: Smoke alarms in each bedroom, hallways/areas leading to bedrooms, and minimum of one per floor mounted on ceilings, 4 to 12 inches down from ceilings if located on walls, and within 36 inches of highest point for vaulted ceilings. Carbon monoxide alarms in each bedroom or hallway/area leading to bedroom and a minimum of one per floor. Propane sensor in lowest habitable space and crawl space if applicable.

4. Fire Extinguishers: Minimum of one (1) 2A10BC type extinguisher per 3,000 ft. of floor area, with top of extinguisher mounted on wall between 3-5 ft. above the floor, with current state certification tag. Fire extinguisher may be located within a labeled cabinet.

5. Cleared Chimney Openings: No tree limbs within ten (10) feet of chimney stack openings. If the inspector observes tree limbs within 10 feet of chimney stack openings they should notify the Mammoth Lakes Fire Protection District who will respond to the issue. This situation does not warrant failure of the inspection.

6. Fireplaces & BBQ’s:  If there is a fireplace or solid fuel barbecue, there is a minimum 5-gallon metal container with tight fitting lid and clearly labeled disposal instructions (e.g. For Fireplace Ashes).

7. Furniture Clearance: Clearance of furniture and other combustible materials from fireplace openings (54 inches) and from the front of wall or floor heaters (30 inches). A minimum of six inches of clearance is required for baseboard heaters.

8. Flammable liquid storage: maximum 5-gallons, for maintenance purposes may be stored in approved containers.

9. Flammable Material Clearance: Roof and grounds are clear of accumulation of pine needles, weeds, or other combustible materials. If the inspector observes an accumulation of pine needles, weeds, or other combustible materials they should notify the Mammoth Lakes Fire Protection District who will respond to the issue. This situation does not warrant failure of the inspection.

10. Door Locks: Locking mechanisms on the front exit door must operate from inside without the use of a key. If unit is more than 3,000 sq. ft., there must be an additional exit door complying with this requirement.

11. Charcoal and wood BBQs: Charcoal and wood BBQs are prohibited within 10 feet of combustible construction materials. No open flame cooking devices are permitted on balconies of mid-rise or high rise structures (4 stories or greater).

12.Hazard and Sanitary Requirements:
(a) No exposed wiring or overloaded electrical circuits, including those within the electrical sub panel.
(b) No permanent use of extension cords for appliances, heaters, lamps or other fixtures.
(c) No leaking fixtures, or clogged or leaking wastewater lines.
(d) Faucets and fixtures in working condition.
(e) Showers, sinks and bathing facilities shall be clean and drain properly.
(f) No evidence of pest infestations.
(g) One screened window per room for ventilation.
(h) No accumulation of trash and/or debris inside/outside of unit. Trash must be deposited into garbage receptacles.
(i) All steps, stairways, decks and railings are stable and structurally sound.
(j) Open fireplace(s) without glass doors have screens to prevent sparks and rolling logs.
(k) All appliances, furnaces, and water heaters operational. Water heater has code compliant earthquake straps. No combustible materials stored around or within water heater and furnace compartments.
(l) Hot tubs, pools and spas are fenced or equipped with an approved cover, with lock as required by state law, and are in a safe and sanitary condition. (No inspection of common area hot tubs, pools, or spas is required)
(m) Lofts or attic conversions shall be provided with code compliant exitings and head clearance; stairs providing access to these areas shall be safe and structurally sound and no ladders are allowed. All compliant sleeping areas shall have code compliant emergency escape and rescue window or shall comply with Municipal Code Section 15.24.100. Lofts that don’t meet these code standards shall be posted with a sign that the space is not intended for sleeping purposes.
(n) Emergency exit routes are lighted with plug in lighting and/or battery operated emergency lights for power outages. (these are approved per local Mammoth Guidelines) The intent of the emergency lighting is to provide reasonable lit path of travel from areas within the unit to the front door or public way. No new electrical outlets need to be installed for this purpose.
(o) Exits (including bedroom egress windows) are clear of storage, debris, furniture and impedance at all times.
(p) Main entrance illuminated when unit is occupied by a light which does not create a nuisance to adjacent properties
and complies with Municipal Code Section 17.36.030.
(q) Primary and secondary exiting shall comply with the California Building Code.

13. Parking: Adequate parking spaces are available for tenants. If tour buses are utilized parking shall be provided for buses either on or off-site.

14. Clearly Visible Unit Numbers: Unit number displayed next to the door (for condos) or street address displayed upon the front of the building and/or on the side facing the street (for single family homes). The number shall be plainly visible.

Want a printable version you can review and checkoff before your inspection officer arrives? Click here for that list.

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