Vacation Rental Cleaning Services Mammoth Lakes, CA

Nightly Rental Cleanings

All nightly rentals are cleaned thoroughly after each stay.

Deep Cleanings

Some properties require deep cleanings, quarterly or every 6 months. We'll make sure your property is always clean.

Inspected & Compliant

All properties are reviewed by a quality control specialist before the tenant arrives, including legally licensed in the Mono County area.

Home Cleaning Services Included With Property Management

When it comes to proper short-term rental cleanliness for your home, apartment & condo, one of the critical factors in this business is the design, hygiene, and consistent cleanliness of the space you’re renting. 

While all the other factors can be compromised in certain situations, this is the one aspect of your business you want to prioritize above anything else. Guests are especially critical of cleanliness, plowed driveways and stairs, and location.

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Let Your Guests First Impressions of Your Short Term Rental (STR) Be a Memorable One

You know what they say about first impressions, and have no doubt about it, the moment your guest walks into the property they will notice if the place is well-maintained, properly cleaned, and invested in. And when we say that you should invest in your place, we aren’t necessarily talking about expensive furniture, fine carpets and drapes, and modern-age appliances.

In this case, we’re talking about the effort that should be invested in properly maintaining the property and keeping hygiene at a high level. After all, even the top-notch properties won’t give off the same vibe if cleanliness is neglected.

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Managing a Nightly Rental can be difficult for second homeowners. This is why we always suggest having a 24/7 Property Management Service available locally in the Eastern Sierra. 

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Airbnb Cleaning Service FAQ

Most frequently Asked questions

Airbnb cleaning services usually cover a thorough cleaning of the entire space, including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living areas, and common spaces. This often includes dusting, vacuuming, mopping, changing linens, cleaning and sanitizing surfaces, and restocking essentials like toilet paper and soaps.

Yes, Airbnb allows hosts to charge a cleaning fee, which can be included in the listing price. The fee should reflect the cost of cleaning the property between stays. It’s important to balance being compensated for the cleaning expense while keeping your listing competitive and attractive to potential guests.

Professional cleaners can ensure a consistent and high-quality cleaning standard, which is crucial for maintaining good reviews and ratings. They are also familiar with the specific needs and expectations of rental properties, which can save hosts time and ensure guest satisfaction.

Keeping the driveways and walkways around your property clean and clear of snow is a great way to show guests that your property is well managed. If needed we can arrange for snow removal services to keep your walkways clear and safe.

We all live local and understand what it takes for an investment property in the area to be a successful enterprise.

For example, we only hire the best cleaning and maintenance services companies in Mammoth Lakes as our service providers. Because we are on the ground locally at all times we can be there as soon as anything is needed. From routine walks to emergency call-outs, you can rest assured that we are close by to ensure everything is running smoothly at all times. We make sure that all our vendors are insured and licensed and able to assist with any necessary repairs needed on your property.

First, familiarize yourself with Airbnb’s Enhanced Cleaning Protocol guidelines. When hiring a cleaning service, discuss these standards with them to ensure they are capable of and committed to meeting these requirements. Some cleaning services may already be familiar with these protocols or have special packages designed for Airbnb properties.

Address the issue promptly by apologizing to the guest and offering an immediate solution, such as scheduling an emergency cleaning service. Investigate the cause of the issue to prevent future occurrences. It might also be beneficial to discuss the matter with your cleaning service to ensure standards are met consistently.

While you can ask guests to follow simple check-out procedures like taking out the trash or loading the dishwasher, it’s important not to impose significant cleaning tasks on them. Guests expect cleaning to be included in their fees, and heavy cleaning requests can lead to negative reviews.

Look for cleaning services with experience in short-term rental properties and positive reviews from other hosts. You can also ask for recommendations in local host groups or forums. Ensure the service is insured and bonded, and discuss your specific needs and expectations before hiring them.

Some cleaning services bring their own supplies, while others might use what you provide. Clarify this beforehand. If you’re providing supplies, include high-quality cleaning agents, disinfectants, gloves, dusters, vacuum cleaners, mops, and any special products required for delicate surfaces.

Provide a detailed checklist of your cleaning expectations and any special instructions specific to your property. Regular communication and feedback can help maintain a good relationship with your cleaning service and ensure your standards are consistently met.

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