Dealing with vacancies can be costly. Getting your rental properties rented as quickly as possible can turn a rental property into a good investment. When it comes to getting your Airbnb property rented quickly, marketing is crucial. The opportunity cost of vacancies is the single highest expense for rental[…]
What’s A Transient Rental? Transient rentals are those units that are occupied for sleeping, lodging, and other reasons for less than 30 days or in exchange for other purposes such as trade or barter situations. Are There Laws Regarding Transient Rentals? Some of the zones that are located within[…]
5 Key Items To Keep Your Rental Property Maintenance Costs Down If you own rental property, you will be required to do maintenance if you want to stay in business over the long term. Tenants are often blamed when problems arise, but it isn’t always the case that they[…]