Mammoth Lakes Snow Removal Services

Why Choose Our Snow Removal Services?

Let’s face it, the last thing your Airbnb and VRBO guests are going to want is a snow-packed driveway and doorway when arriving. With typical drive times 4-5 hours from Los Angeles to Mammoth, your guests are going to be exhausted and not happy when they have to shovel snow in order to access your place.

This is where we like to put emphasis on the fact that snow removal should not be neglected for your home, apartment, or condo you’re renting on Airbnb. When you think about it, the surrounding area of your property is the first thing your renters’ experience when they arrive, and this is actually the starting point of their first impression. Let’s make sure their first impression is the best, as reviews are always important for future bookings.

The Eastern Sierra’s has Deep, Wet, Snow - So Be Prepared:

Let’s discuss the topic of snow in the Eastern Sierras. There are always certain aspects you cannot control, like the weather conditions, or the roads leading up to your property. However, you can make sure to prepare accordingly, especially in the winter months, and ensure that your guests arrive safely, eager to start their vacation. One thing you can control is hiring a company who oversees local vacation rentals

December, January, and February are when Mammoth Lakes typically gets the heaviest snowfall, it’s always necessary to prepare accordingly. And while your guests are certainly expecting snow, they’re also expecting your driveway, as well as the pathways around the property to be clean and snow-free.

Our snow is heavy, wet, and can average over 17 feet during our good winters.

Don’t wait to hire a Snow Removal Service:

Considering the fact that Mammoth Lakes gets an average of 204 inches of snow during the winter season, snow removal can get quite tedious and time-consuming. Even if you have all the necessary equipment, dealing with snow and ice removal each and every day is exhausting, and it takes a lot of time and effort. Let’s just say the last thing you want to do is wait on hiring a snow removal company, or a management company who will handle this for you (as that is what we do). When we have big seasons, snow removal services can range from $30 per hour up to $60 per hour (during peak season) and this doesn’t include equipment like tractors, etc. (for HOA’s / condos or large driveways).

You already know that the key factor in making your Airbnb and VRBO rental business grow is thinking of every single aspect that constitutes a customer’s experience, from the moment they drive onto your property to the moment they leave. As invested as you will be in your business, it can be hard juggling between personal and professional commitments and doing all this work yourself. The last thing you want to be doing on a heavy snow day in Mammoth is searching Google for a snow removal service.

Allow Us To Handle the Snow Removal for You:

What is the best strategy for a successful business that won’t compromise your personal life and take all of your valuable time? Hiring Mammoth Lakes STR management experts who have years of experience in Mammoth Lakes Airbnb and VRBO snow removal and plow services
; who can predict, prevent, and solve any problem you can and can’t think of.

Mammoth Property Management professionals network of snow removal companies has the necessary experience and equipment to deal even with the heaviest of snowfalls, and there is no challenge too big for us to handle or plow!

What Do Typical Snow Removal Services Entail?

Mammoth Lakes Airbnb and Vrbo snow removal and plow services in the winter months entail the following:

Sanding and Ashing:

As we’ve mentioned, we like to welcome each winter season prepared, and for our plow and removal experts, there are no surprises during the winter months. As a home, apartment, or condo owner in Mammoth Lakes, we’re certain your focus is on creating a safe environment for your guests to enjoy during their stay.

One of the key factors when talking about safety and security during winter months is sanding or using volcanic ash on the driveways, walkways, and paths around the property to prevent icy surfaces that could be very dangerous. You cannot control the weather, but you can definitely welcome it prepared! We can help stock de-icing items on your property for emergencies and also have a company on standby for your needs.

Sanding is a great option for extreme temperatures since the sand we use is very durable, and a reliable, effective solution against ice buildup on your driveways and walkways. It is added directly onto the surface, creating traction that prevents the paths from getting too slippery.

Salting, (which is not used commercially in Mammoth Lakes but can be used residentially) on the other hand, is yet another option we offer when it comes to dealing with potential ice buildups around your property. Salt can not only prevent the ice buildup from forming, but also melt the existing layer on ice, significantly improving the safety of your driveways and walkways.

As effective as both options are, if applied incorrectly, they can damage your concrete or steel surfaces, or even create clogs. Therefore, your best bet is to contact our experienced snow removal experts today and have them create a safe environment for your guests!

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Snow Removal, Plowing, and Blowing:

Whether you need mammoth lakes snow removal services daily, or you’d like weekly visits from our team, we can arrange just about any strategy you have in mind. Our experts are not only experienced in snow removal, plowing, and blowing, but they’re also equipped with the best tools and technologies which allow them to tackle even the most complicated tasks.

Mammoth Lakes Airbnb and Vrbo snow removal and plow services are important when it comes to dealing with ice, too. For instance, if you choose the sanding technique to prevent ice buildup, it will not be as effective if there’s a layer of snow on top of the sand.

Also, in order for the salting method to work properly, daily snow removal is required, especially in the events of heavy snowfall that often occurs December through February in Mammoth Lakes.

Hiring professional services to remove the snow from your property is not only the safest option for your guests but for you, as well. Often, when dealing with snow and ice, surfaces could be damaged in the removal process. Therefore, it is best to leave these complex tasks to professionals in snow removal.

Speaking of complex tasks, another challenging project when it comes to the winter season is removing the snow and ice from the roof of the property. Trying to remove snow and ice from these areas by yourself can be extremely dangerous, especially if you don’t have the right equipment, so we recommend relying on professionals to do the work.
An important factor in effective snow removal and ice buildup prevention is acting promptly and removing as much as possible to prevent piling that could take hours to remove. The moment you contact us, we will have our team of snow removal experts on their way. There will be no waiting and no unnecessary delays!

Whether you need snow blowing on your driveways, shoveling on your sidewalks, or you’re dealing with a more complex issue that requires top-notch, heavy-duty equipment – we’ve got it all!

Contact us today to create the best strategy for your home, apartment, or condo in Mammoth Lakes in the winter months, and leave all the heavy lifting to our professionals!

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