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We work with the leading snow-removal companies in the Mammoth Lakes and the Eastern Sierra entirely.


The snow removal companies we work with own the equipment needed to keep your guests happy.

Snow Trucking

When too much snow builds up - truck it! Large quantities of snow will be trucked to designated dumping sites outside city limits, using specialized vehicles, to manage and reduce snow accumulation around the nightly rental areas.

Snow Removal Included with Property Management

Let’s face it, the last thing your Airbnb and VRBO guests are going to want is a snow-packed driveway and doorway when arriving. With typical drive times 4-5 hours from Los Angeles to Mammoth, your guests are going to be exhausted and not happy when they have to shovel snow to access your place.

This is where we like to emphasize the fact that snow removal should not be neglected for your home, apartment, or condo you’re renting on Airbnb. When you think about it, the surrounding area of your property is the first thing your renters experience when they arrive, and this is the starting point of their first impression. Let’s make sure their first impression is the best, as reviews are always important for future bookings.

The Eastern Sierra’s has Deep, Wet, Snow - So Be Prepared

Let’s discuss the topic of snow in the Eastern Sierras. There are always certain aspects you cannot control, like the weather conditions, or the roads leading up to your property. However, you can make sure to prepare accordingly, especially in the winter months, and ensure that your guests arrive safely, eager to start their vacation. One thing you can control is hiring a company who oversees local vacation rentals

December, January, and February are when Mammoth Lakes typically gets the heaviest snowfall, it’s always necessary to prepare accordingly. And while your guests are certainly expecting snow, they’re also expecting your driveway, as well as the pathways around the property to be clean and snow-free.

Our snow is heavy, wet, and can average over 17 feet during our good winters.

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Managing a Nightly Rental can be difficult for second homeowners. This is why we always suggest having a 24/7 Property Management Service available locally in the Eastern Sierra. 

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Snow Shoveling & Removal FAQ

Most frequently Asked questions

Responsibility for snow removal typically falls on the host or the property management company. This should be clearly outlined in the property’s description or rental agreement. Guests should check the listing details or contact the host if unsure.

Snow removal may or may not be included in the cleaning fee, depending on the host’s policies. It’s important for guests to review the listing details or ask the host directly for clarification.

Guests can request snow removal by contacting their host or property manager, especially if snow accumulation affects access or safety. Hosts typically appreciate being informed of such needs promptly.

If the property is not adequately cleared of snow upon arrival, guests should contact the host or property manager immediately to report the issue. They are generally responsible for ensuring safe and accessible conditions for guests.

Keeping the driveways and walkways around your property clean and clear of snow is a great way to show guests that your property is well managed. If needed we can arrange for snow removal services to keep your walkways clear and safe.

We all live local and understand what it takes for an investment property in the area to be a successful enterprise.

For example, we only hire the best cleaning and maintenance services companies in Mammoth Lakes as our service providers. Because we are on the ground locally at all times we can be there as soon as anything is needed. From routine walks to emergency call-outs, you can rest assured that we are close by to ensure everything is running smoothly at all times. We make sure that all our vendors are insured and licensed and able to assist with any necessary repairs needed on your property.

Some hosts might charge an extra fee for snow removal services, particularly in areas with heavy snowfall. This should be stated upfront in the listing’s description or the rental agreement.

Response times for snow removal can vary based on the severity of the snowfall, local regulations, and the host’s specific arrangements. It’s reasonable to expect snow to be cleared within 24 hours after a snowfall ends, but guests should confirm this with their host.

Professional snow removal services typically follow safety guidelines to prevent damage to the property and ensure the safety of guests. This includes using appropriate equipment and materials that are safe for walkways and driveways.

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