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Handyman Services

Our network of maintenance and repair professionals can replace light bulbs, fix windows and doors that won’t shut properly, fix cracks or damages in your floors, and fix faulty appliances, including the AC, heater, water heater, or stove.

Custom Projects

Whether you need the stair railings installed or fixed, or the garage is giving you trouble. you can benefit from our network of licensed and insured contractors. We understand the best times to work on outdoor projects as the weather will almost always play a role in your repair or rebuild.

Remodeling Assistance

Are you planning on remodeling your home, apartment, or condo in Mammoth Lakes, California? We know just how big of a project this can be, and how complicated it can get to plan everything and find the professionals to complete every single task it entails.

Simple Maintenance Included With Property Management

When it comes to maintaining your rental,  home, apartment, or condo in the Mammoth Lakes area, it is important to keep everything in order, especially due to the harsh climate and high turnover with short-term rentals. No matter how clean the Airbnb and VRBO property is, and how well-decorated the interior is, everything must function properly, including all the appliances.

A man fixing an oven in a kitchen.

Turn Moments into Memories, not Nightmares due to Repair Issues

When guests are paying to rent a place, the last thing they’ll want to see is a hole in the wall, a clogged drain, a window that won’t close, or a bigger structural problem on the property, which can ruin the experience for the guests. The best decision you can make in this situation is to have an excellent STR Vacation management company close by. After all, all these little factors and elements shape their experience, and it is necessary to think of everything ahead of time, especially because positive reviews are everything these days.

We’ve all experienced unpleasant experiences with service companies or handymen that overcharge, those who leave the job unfinished, or simply never show up. It can also be very difficult to find a professional for each and every task you need to complete, especially when you don’t have much time before your next renter arrives. We’ll help you avoid these headaches, and connect you with our local network of service providers

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Managing a Nightly Rental can be difficult for second homeowners. This is why we always suggest having a 24/7 Property Management Service available locally in the Eastern Sierra. 

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Airbnb Maintenance & Repair Service FAQ

Most frequently Asked questions

Property maintenance services for Airbnb properties are crucial to ensure guest satisfaction, safety, and to maintain the property’s value. Here are some common FAQs related to Airbnb property maintenance services:

  • Routine Cleaning: Regular, thorough cleaning between guest stays.
  • Emergency Repairs: Prompt attention to issues like plumbing leaks, electrical faults, or HVAC problems.
  • Regular Inspections: Periodic checks to ensure everything is in working order and to identify potential issues before they become major problems.
  • Lawn Care and Landscaping: For properties with outdoor spaces, regular gardening, lawn mowing, and landscaping to maintain curb appeal.
  • Pest Control: Regular inspections and treatments to prevent infestations of pests like rodents, cockroaches, or bedbugs. One or two people in Mono County usually get sick with hantavirus each year (Per Mono County Website). Make sure there are no mice or rat droppings in your house before renting on Airbnb or VRBO.

Regular Inspections: At least once every few months, but ideally, a quick check should be done between each guest stay to catch any issues early.

Host Responsibility: Generally, the property owner or host is responsible for ensuring the property is well-maintained and safe for guests. However, hosts may hire property management services to handle these tasks on their behalf.

  • Immediate Response: Acknowledge the issue promptly and provide a timeline for the repair.
  • Professional Repair: If the issue is beyond a simple fix, engage a professional service to handle the repair as soon as possible.
  • Communication: Keep the guest updated on the progress of the repair and, if necessary, offer compensation or alternative accommodations if the issue significantly impacts their stay.
  • Seasonal Maintenance: Perform specific maintenance tasks, such as servicing the HVAC system before summer or winter, ensuring gutters are clean, and checking for weatherproofing needs.
  • Supplies and Amenities: Update amenities and supplies to suit the season, like providing extra blankets in winter or fans in summer.
  • Regular Checks: Frequently check and maintain major systems to meet local TOT Compliance guidelines in Mammoth Lakes like plumbing, electrical, and HVAC.
  • Quality Furnishings: Invest in durable furniture and fixtures to reduce the frequency of replacements.
  • Guest Guidelines: Provide clear instructions for guests on using appliances and amenities to prevent misuse and damage.
  • Local Contacts: Have a list of reliable local service providers or a property management service on call for quick responses to maintenance issues.
  • Guest Communication: Provide clear communication channels for guests to report issues and ensure they feel heard and taken care of.


Addressing maintenance issues promptly and effectively is key to providing a positive experience for your Airbnb guests and maintaining the value and appeal of your property.

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