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Why Choose Our Repair Services?

When it comes to maintaining your rental,  home, apartment, or condo in the Mammoth Lakes area, it is important to keep everything in order, especially due to the harsh climate and high turnover with short-term rentals. No matter how clean the Airbnb and VRBO property is, and how well-decorated the interior is, it is necessary for everything to function properly, including all the appliances.

Turn Moments into Memories, not Nightmares due to Repair Issues:

When guests are paying to rent your place, the last thing they’ll want to see is a hole in the wall, a clogged drain, a window that won’t close, or a bigger structural problem on the property, which can ruin the experience for the guests. After all, all these little factors and elements shape their experience, and it is necessary to think of everything ahead of time, especially because positive reviews are everything these days.

We’ve all experienced unpleasant experiences with service companies or handymen that overcharge, those who leave the job unfinished, or simply never show up. It can also be very difficult to find a professional for each and every task you need to complete, especially when you don’t have much time before your next renter arrives.

Allow Us Worry About Repairs and Emergencies – For You

The best decision you can make in this situation is to have an excellent STR Vacation management company close by. Ideally, hiring a company that understands the local Mammoth Lakes area is the way to go. For example, in Mammoth Lakes, Amazon takes at least a week to arrive, appliances cannot be delivered for the most part (per Lowes / Home Depot), and hiring a locksmith to unlock a door your tenant just locked in the middle of the night during a snowstorm – can be relatively difficult. Unless you hire a company that has experience in Mammoth Lakes Airbnb and Vrbo property maintenance and repair services and has dealt with these specific situations before. Hiring local means there are typically fewer delays, no hidden costs due to unforeseen issues, and the ability to take care of pretty much anything you need, from simple fixes to more complicated projects.

Whether you just need a consultation, a hand in your remodeling condo, or you need the light bulbs changed before the guests arrive, we can handle just about anything concerning Airbnp and Vrbo repair services, whether it be a long-term project or a quick task around the house, apartment, or condo – because we know the local area and have dealt with many repair issues before.

What Do STR Repair Services Entail?

As a part of the Mammoth Lakes Airbnb and VRBO property maintenance and repair services program, our contractors offer the following repair services:

Simple Handyman Services:

When you hire through us, there’s no need to spend endless hours on Google trying to find a licensed contractor or locksmith for your property. After all, these companies are usually busy as-is, and will be expensive if you need them for an emergency. We can help with the simple stuff. We have the resources to fix small issues that could hinder your guests’ stay. Like issues with a pellet stove, burned-out light bulbs, and many other unpredictable issues. We eliminate the waiting required when searching for different handymen for all your indoor repair projects, whether they be big or small. Additionally, you won’t have to spend your valuable time doing all this work yourself, as our experts can help repair your property from floor to ceiling.

Our network of maintenance and repair professionals can replace light bulbs, fix windows and doors that won’t shut properly, fix cracks or damages in your floors, and fix faulty appliances, including the AC, heater, water heater, or stove.

We also consider preventative maintenance when managing your property, and have experts who can inspect the property before you list on Airbnb or VRBO in order to meet local TOT Compliance guidelines in Mammoth Lakes (before you can legally rent in Mono County this is required) and discover some issues that you weren’t aware of. As you might already know, the upkeep of your home, apartment, or condo is an ongoing task, and there could often be some problems you haven’t even encountered yet, but in time accidents happen – especially when listing your property on short term rental platforms

Preventative maintenance is ideal for eliminating future larger issues, such as dangerous water leaks, floor damage, or more serious problems like fire-places that need to be cleaned. Whether it’s an emergency or you have a request you need taken care of, our experts can help you with both! 

Large Project Services:

Whether you need the stair railings installed or fixed, or the garage door is giving you trouble, you can benefit from our network of licensed and insured contractors. We understand the best times to work on outdoor projects as the weather will almost always play a role in your repair or rebuild. These projects need to be forecasted appropriately and way out in advance as 99% of the legitimate contractors in the Mono County area are busy and booked because good work is hard to find, and not cheap.

Professional Kitchen Maintenance:

Customers always seem to notice the kitchen first, and the bathrooms secondarily. This is why It is of vital importance to have all the appliances in the kitchen functioning perfectly, and as clean as possible, especially if your guests have booked a longer stay. The last thing you want is a broken fridge full of food your guest just purchased from Trader Joe’s or Costco, a defective stove that can ruin that really expensive holiday meal prepared by your guest, or a clogged toilet in the middle of a guest’s stay with a cabin full of adults and children, can really raise a stink in your STR rental ratings.

Regardless of the item you need fixed or replaced, you can have faith in our maintenance and repair experts who will handle the problem promptly and efficiently. Additionally, we have experts in Mammoth Lakes Airbnb and Vrbo property maintenance and repair services team who can solve most electrical problems, and inspect the kitchen for any faulty wiring or any other factor that could be a potential issue for a fire or lawsuit.

Considering a fresh update? We also offer repair services for your kitchen furniture and design, including broken cabinets, drawers, and tiling due to our local connections Contact us for a bid to rebuild any part of your property including kitchens, bathrooms, etc.

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Bathroom Maintenance:

Don’t let a clogged drain, leaking shower or bathtub, or a plumbing issue ruin your guests’ stay. You can relax as you no longer have to search for or wait for days for a handyman to arrive. When you have a pending list of renters for your property, you can have faith in knowing we are local and understand the local environment We pride ourselves on quick, efficient service, regardless of the severity of the issue.

Besides fixing any problems, we also offer assistance in remodeling your bathroom and installing any new items or appliances. Our experts can install doors, shower doors, replace old and broken tiles, or replace a leaky faucet. You can also rely on us to repair any drywall holes and scratches, giving your bathroom a fresh and improved look.

Attic, Garage, and Basement Maintenance:

If your Airbnb and Vrbo property has an attic, garage, or basement, it is important not to neglect them, either. Oftentimes, the sources of the biggest damages and defects lay in these parts of the property, and they need to be inspected regularly. Our maintenance and repair experts will look for any cement floor cracks, foundation issues, defective piping, or hidden leaks and solve these issues promptly. Believe it or not, Hantavirus is a true issue in the Eastern Sierra. One or two people in Mono County usually get sick with hantavirus each year (Per Mono County Website). Make sure there are no mice or rat droppings in your house before renting on Airbnb or VRBO.

Remodeling Assistance:

Are you planning on remodeling your home, apartment, or condo in Mammoth Lakes, California? We know just how big of a project this can be, and how complicated it can get to plan everything and find the professionals to complete every single task it entails.

Our team of Mammoth Lakes Airbnb and Vrbo property maintenance and repair services experts, with years of experience in property management, remodeling, and repair services can assist you in every stage of the process, from planning to executing. We can help you create a perfect vision of your property and improve your rental business in every way possible.

Regular maintenance is the key to a prosperous, reliable rental business. Your customers will appreciate a functional, well-maintained property they can truly relax in, and this is the key factor in gaining returning, loyal guests.

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